Photographer Helps Students Zoom in on Skills




Project Pitch: Tinder Culture

Tinder has steadily been rising in popularity (nearly doubled in users since the beginning of this year), especially among our generation of 20-somethings and college students. Recent news and columns have talked about the wild success of Tinder, and additionally how it is the new wave of “online” dating. What does this say about contemporary relationships?

I want to explore Tinder culture at Seattle University. How many students use Tinder? How often? For what? (hook-ups, dates, relationships) Is Tinder a more socially acceptable version of OK Cupid? Is this unique to Seattle, because of other cultural influences we have here ie “Seattle Freeze” affecting how much people interact with one another in person.

-Huff Post article talks about how the app is changing how women interact with date proposals because the app only connects people who have shown mutual interest in one another so that removes the stereotypical method of guy-ask-girl.

-more than 100 marriage proposals among Tinder-matched couples according to Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen.

-last year PEW research about the rising popularity of online dating

-Tinder is often referred to as a game according to the Huffington Post article. So what does this say in connection with its popularity? What is the effect on relationships? Longevity?

-Talk to students Dallas Goschie and Michelle Dvorak and young adult Adrian Fisher. Talk to student Kathleen Dickerson. I would also be interested in getting a Seattle U admin/Jesuit perspective. Pepper Schwartz, UW professor and relationship specialist.

-judging based on appearance along which statistically in more of a male characteristic but nearly 45 percent of users are women.

-“Hot or Not” game

The audio elements would be strong interviews. There aren’t many strong sounds that are immediately associated with Tinder, but as the story develops I can see getting sounds of dates, conversations, responses to texts, any alert sounds, etc. As far as visuals I think this is a really cool opportunity to collect data and create interesting graphics and information in graphs and charts so that it can be consumed more easily.

Kelsey Cooks up Diverse Digital Designs

The only thing clicking faster than the computer keys are the muted tones of the electronica song in the KSUB lounge next door as designer Kelsey Cook focuses on the screen, picking a font for the page he is working on. Nestled among the homey but messy walls of his design room, Cook plays with color, text and image for his brother’s graduation announcements. Though not a digital design major, Cook enjoys seeing his images and words come to life on the computer. It keeps him focused, it keeps him content, but mostly, it keeps him smiling.

Below are images of Cook in his work place.

CMJR 445 024

CMJR 445 005

CMJR 445 020

CMJR 445 028

CMJR 445 008


Seattle Residents Egg on Easter Munchies

Looks like the grass will be greener on Capitol Hill this Easter Sunday. We asked several people from the Seattle University community about their plans for 4/20—which happens to also be Easter. In this clip, we hear from Alyssa Brandt, Steve Childress, and Dennis Montgomery who have different Easter festivities lined up, but who all agree that it’s a-ok for the city to be a smoky pot spot on Easter.

Project by Bianca Sewake and Colleen Fontana